ThaiFriendly Review 2018 – Is Scam?

Don’t buy premium membership of ThaiFriendly before you read the review! Find out if Thai Friendly is a scam or legit dating site for Thailand girl.

Thai girls represent beauty, sensuality, and femininity; these are the main reason why they are so coveted in our times in every corner of the world. Western men understand that more than anyone else and Thai girls also desire the qualities of every good man.

After a deep research and many hours of disillusion trying different sites, it is acceptable to say that ThaiFriendly is a great opportunity to find REAL gorgeous, Thai girls to have fun with.

ThaiFriendly Review – Is It Best Thai Girl Dating Site?

To understand review you first must know that almost all Thai Dating sites offer similar services so it’s quite complicated to find unique features in each one. Despite this being said, this “catalog of beautiful Thai ladies” is here right now for you.

thai friendly dating review

Your adventure will start once you sign in, with the typical information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth
  • Height/Weight
  • Headline / Description for your profile
  • Education
  • English/Thai Ability
  • Has/Want Children option

And the immense list of beautiful girls is going to fall into your “home screen”. The design is very simple but pleasant and a highly detailed search-panel provides a lot of value – Search by gender, age, height, weight, education, among others.

Membership Packages and Price

Unlike many other sites, does actually gives the opportunity to participate without paying any money. Since the first moment you register, you can send a message to any young and beautiful girl on the site.

The flaw about free messaging is that you can’t send more than 1 message every 10 minutes, slowing a little bit your experience. What makes the difference between free and premium?

In the other hand, being part of the premium membership will get you into the top searches of all girls in ThaiFriendly, with an unlimited chat capacity and actually, able to check everyone who viewed your profile.  Check yourself the rest of privileged only the premium users enjoy. [The Devotion System Review]

Cost of Thai Friendly Membership:

  • $24.95 – 1 month
  • $49.95 – 3 months
  • $69.95 – 6 months
  • $99.95 – 1 year/ 30 cents per day


  • Over 1.400.000 active users to date.
  • More females than males.
  • Perfect dating site to have fun with Thai girls.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple but responsive design.
  • Hundreds and possibly thousands of new members every day.
  • Ability to block any non-desired user.


  • Not for completely serious relationships
  • A small amount of “Gold diggers” on the site. However It is negligible as there are plenty of real active users.
  • Limited experience without a Membership

Is ThaiFriendly Scam or Legit Dating?

Anyone with a computer, an internet connection and some free time could see the pattern going on with the Thai dating sites usually for western men. Many offer the same services but you will rarely find one where they are legit; more than a bunch of myths.

thaifriendly scam or legit site

You must consider at least 3 factors that will improve your experience inside ThaiFriendly.

1) At least 5% of the girls in ThaiFriendly don’t speak fluent English.

2) Don’t expect a 100% reply rate, even if you are terribly good-looking and possess a membership.

3)  At the try to communicate with girl through in-site messaging system. Once you feel that It is your type of girl then only exchange mobile numbers. present some flaws as any other site on the internet, let’s face it; if there could be a perfect dating site, it would not have any other to compete with at all. In this case, it definitely is a Thai social-network to meet girls in a fun and naughty style. Thai Friendly is a legit site to date Thailand girl, you just have to get premium membership, if you are serious about it.

Final Thought

Are you constantly searching your future Thai romantic adventure but can’t handle all the scam sites in the way?  You get frustrated after a while of trial and error; because it seems that you are not going to feel beloved again? If you said yes to at least one of the two, Give ThaiFriendly a Try. I am sure you won’t be regret.

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Just be careful of who you find and who you contact with because in any country of the entire world there are going to exist people who want to use you or take advantage of gullible individuals.

I try to cover everything in my Thai Friendly review. If you still have any doubts, don’t hesitate to comment here.

Thailovelines Review 2018 – Is Thailovelines Scam?

Is Thailovelines a scam or legit dating site to meet Thai girl? Read my review and in-depth analysis of Thailovelines before you make any decision.

The best tag to name what is site could be an interactive and expanding social network for a mature and responsible connection, perfect for everyone who searches for an emotional companion and with dedication, a personal experience to meet the beloved one.

Thailovelines Review – Can You Find Thai Girl Over There?

But what exactly differentiates Thailovelines from all the resting websites directed to meet the unique Thai partner? Let’s find out.

Unique Features

find thailovelines review here

It would be daring to say but is one of the best Thai dating websites I’ve seen out there on the internet, leaving a couple of others behind for some of the innovating tools Atlantic Thai Internet Co has provided since 2007.

The following unique features will determine from now on if you give at least a try, also giving yourself the opportunity to meet beautiful and single individuals.

  • Easy to Use: It simple interface and design provide comfort to every user and propose to be accessed by almost anyone without any issue. The white and purple background makes a great sync with the rest of the site.
  • Online Radio Service: This is something that got my attention immediately; a Radio Service put the Plus to the promised entertainment.
  • Match Maker Accuracy: It is true that is not the first time a dating site applies this system to its own but not all work with such precision as Thailovelines does.
  • Skype: Yes, you read correctly, on the Thailovelines platform it exists the possibility to connect with others via Skype. To use this extension you will need only two things: Premium membership and to be registered on Skype.

Right after you are done with requirements, you can access all the outstanding MSM, calling and webcam system Skype has to offer.

Other availability were ignored as they are not exclusive as such or are part of the basic structure of almost all functional social networks or dating sites like Thai Kisses.

Membership and Pricing

Being part of the membership means that you are taking seriously your Casanova spirit and will deliberate enjoy the rest of the options free users cannot experience. The optimal part of Thailovelines is really affordable to every men and women wallet.

1 Month: $19.99

3 Months: $39.99

6 Months: $69.99

12 Months: $119.99

Is a Scam Dating Site? scam dating site

The site has its expected flaws but that doesn’t mean is close to being a scam, actually for the time I’ve been in it, with confidence I admit Thailovelines is NOT a scam.  Remember that there’s not any existing dating site anywhere that it works with absolute perfection.

Maybe the biggest flaw this dating site suffers is the hourly rate of users from Thailand, where there is more than 350.000 registered users but of course, not all of them will be active at the moment you log in.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, I want to share a thought with you.

Think about the entire dating sites proposal you often see online – those who wanted to force you to try something for the only purpose of them getting money without providing value – and re-think about the details I’ve given.

Remember that is not even necessary to pay if you want to test before buying the premium deals, so if you are interested in meeting new friends or possibly, your new life partner, doesn’t think twice and just try it!

Hope my Thailovelines review helps. In case of any query or questions, please add your comment here.

The Devotion System Review – Is Amy North PDF a Scam?

Don’t buy or download The Devotion System before you read the review! Find if Amy North’s PDF about Devotional System is a scam or not?

She – Amy North – is the author of the Devotion System and genuinely prove that all the tips, or rather, all the content in it are the compilation of what she learned during the hard times.

Totally unarmed and in a rage after her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, Amy North knew that it was enough and discovered the essential facts every woman should learn about the masculine behavior.

How does the Devotion System Works?

The Devotion System Reviews

She quotes “… When I say beyond LOVE, I’m talking about the type of relentless devotion that you only see in romance novels and Hollywood movies”. This can be used as a certification of how the system works.

That magic – the one is seen in all major romance productions – it actually exists but not many possess the mind and tricks to actually live it.

Not only is this for the purpose of magnet attraction but to the purest of all connections. Doesn’t matter if you aren’t very physically attractive to many men, the Devotion System by Amy works as an essential and detailed guide to be wanted by every man.

The Devotion System PDF Review

The main factor that makes this program a unique one, its versatility. Although almost all the education path is made from one perspective, the complete program e-Book treat the situations overall women out there.

The Devotion System by Amy North is divided into three chapters:

  • Letting Go & Moving: First thing first, in this part you are going to analyze your situation, learn how to stay away from any toxic partner and start this journey of becoming the desired women you always wanted to be with the proper resources.
  • Men 101: Once you understand the basics about how this system will work, it’s time to study the male brain and finally you will understand what they exactly want, how they exactly think and how to encourage anyone to like you.
  • The Stages of Love: Master the art of healthy flirtation with the most advanced techniques you could read ANYWHERE. The last chapter represents a grand opportunity to discover the answers to many questions every woman has at dating.

Besides the valuable Devotion System, you are going to receive three extra bonus educational resources to keep moving forward into your goal (Textual Chemistry, Cheat Proofing, and Finding Love Online)

All this fantastic information is contained in one bundle and is available right now at $48, 85 in the web page store. A plus I give to this pack is the 60-day guarantee, so don’t worry about it because you’ll be able of getting your entire money back if want to.

Is the Amy North PDF a Scam?

The way this system seems to be working for many single and married correspond to the strategy it comes with it, don’t depend on magic or other fake influences to be effective. It accomplishes what it promises because it is totally possible – very different to others who promise more to what they actually do.

Download Amy North Devotion System PDF

The only downside I have found is not a big thing: The Devotion System PDF is not going to work at all if you don’t put work on it.  So if you don’t like to read anything in mobile/computer nor have time to learn the most amazing techniques to make any man crazy for you, the best would be to forget about it.

Bottom Line – Should You Buy Amy North’s The Devotion System?

Transform the insecurity into absolute confidence, don’t be alone, be Beloved and stay away from confusing thoughts – Become a captivating goddess. What Amy North learned over the course of the years it will blow your mind.

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Hope my The Devotion System Reviews help! In case of any question or query don’t hesitate to add your comment here.

Kismia Review: Tips to Avoid Scam on Dating Site

Don’t buy Kismia membership before you read the review! Find the tips to avoid scam on Kismia and other dating sites.

I’ve found this website surfing around the internet, and question myself if it was another one in the same list of other useless services to date real people but… Oh, my friend, I was very wrong.

Imagine instant communication with real gorgeous women and good looking men, a very simple design and most important, very easy to use.  That’s for you.

The Kismia Review – Best Russian Dating Site

In this case, I can admit I have personally enjoyed very much this site in particular because it seems to work fluently with the great balance between how many users there are and the authentic match you might get with some male or female of your wish list.

kismia customer review

Explore the many hundreds and thousands of compatible profiles in some kind of Tinder-like system who simplifies, even more, the process. Of course, the dedication and effort you put into the profile will help to attract those matches.

Remember that your profile must relate to yourself, all those details have to prove that you are completely confident in what you think or what you do.

KisMia Membership Price

Last but not least, differentiates itself from the other because is not necessary to pay anything to enjoy its services. Although with a free account you are limited from a ton features.

There are two paid packages: Premium plan includes four different subscription prices depending on how much you want to be a member.

  • 3 days: 0, 99$/day – 1, 24$/day
  • 1 Month: 6, 29$/week – 7, 85/week
  • 3 Months: 3, 39$/week – 4, 24$/week
  • 6 Months: 1, 99$/week – 2, 49$/week

With the premium subscription, you’ll be able to see all media content from others and their respective profiles and have no restriction to write them at any moment you desire. Also, it’s added the filter of “search by city” and the Kismia app always at hand.

And now VIP, for only 6, 90$/monthly, you will become one top user on this site. Enjoy of three astonishing perks – Leadership at the profile boards, instant compatibility with most of the matches you make and special messages attention – for something like a lady magnet.

Is Kismia a Scam or Legit?

Is Kismia some kind of scam? Not really. The big struggle for most of the dating sites out there is that they usually don’t have any real users and just some bots, resulting in a very awkward experience. scam or legit site?

Be always aware that because of the easiness that complements to create a profile on the site, there could be some individuals trying to disturb your relaxing sessions of chatting.

Some of the most valuable tips for the security of your own sake are:

  • Don’t share private information such as address, bank accounts and other that may harm you.
  • On every type of dates, you might get in front on a gold-digger whose only interest is to scam you and take your money. Stay away from it; it’s not your duty to give them your money.
  • Have you found someone to go on a date? Great! Just be careful about who that is and the details of the encounter. Is highly recommended for both to take place in somewhere with public and safe, not a first date in private.

Bottom Line

Using Kismia it will feel like going to the bar to create friends relations, only with that difference of doing everything on your desktop computer or cell phone.

If at any moment, you come across any suspicious user, don’t doubt of blocking and reporting immediately, that would help the Kismia team to protect all the community.

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Hope my Kismia Review help you to conclude that It is not a scam dating site. Please share your own experience here.

CharmDate Reviews 2018 – Is It Scam Dating Site?

Wondering if CharmDate is scam or legit dating site? Find out an honest review before you buy membership. Apply a CharmDate coupon to save on dating.

We are all aware of the fact that finding a girlfriend can be quite a challenge even for the most handsome guys. Online dating services compensate the lack of your Casanova skills and help you get in touch with the most attractive girls you have ever seen, meet up and, hopefully, get to know them in person.

CharmDate user review

CharmDate is one of the leading online dating services and it aims to connect people from various continents with Russian and Ukrainian girls and help them form either a long-lasting relationship or a friendship. It was founded back in 1998 and has been providing unique services and perfecting them for almost 20 years.

CharmDate Review – Is It Worth To Try?

Opening a new chapter in your life and starting an adventure you do not have a single clue about can be quite refreshing and help you get to know yourself. Let’s start the review of by considering it’s unique features and types of membership.

The first two things you should pay attention to are the process of becoming a Charmdate member and the ease of searching the available content. Filling out the required fields and agreeing with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use will be enough to get you started and allow you to take advantage of some of the free services. scam or not

Filtering thousands of profiles of attractive girls will be quite time consuming starting from the moment you join the website, especially if you decide not to purchase any credits. That being said, it is recommended to pick a couple of girls you fancy the most and start chatting and making video calls with them. Many are quite responsive and willing to meet new people, so you will not be required to have some special skills to get the conversation going.

The prices of credits range between $7 and $399 and everyone will be able to find the most suitable offer based on their needs and budget. The most basic option includes 3 credits and costs only $7, whereas the most premium one is quite a bit pricier at $399 for a pack of a hundred credits.

Is CharmDate a Scam Dating Site?

A good way to get a glimpse of the CharmDate’s true nature is to communicate with as many girls as possible to see whether their sole intention is to take your money. You can also contact the Customer Support to ask any questions you have and get rid of the feeling that you have run into a scam.Regardless of the security measures you take, you should be aware that CharmDate is a trustable online service that has the only goal to provide you with the best online dating services.

Hence we can say that Charmdate is NOT a Scam Site and 100% legit dating platform to find Russian and Ukraine Girlfriend.

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Best CharmDate Promo Codes

Developing a habit to check your inbox whenever you have a couple of minutes off will eventually increase your costs. Reducing your monthly expenses will come in handy no matter how much active you are, so make sure to take advantage of the occasional promo offers and use coupon codes to save some money.

CharmDate free trial coupon

Hope doubts about scam got cleared by reading my CharmDate reviews. If you still have any query please feel free to add your comment here. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thai Kisses Review – IS a Scam?

Read an in-depth review of ThaiKisses before you judge it as scam or legit site! Thai Kisses is an online dating service in Thailand that connects more than half a million members. It helps people from the West get to know attractive, but most commonly extremely shy girls from Asia.

Thai Kisses Reviews – Can You Meet Thai Girl?

find thaikisses reviewBecoming a faithful member of the community is a straightforward process that can be finished fairly quickly just by making a free account. Everyone is welcome to join and experience the charming side of the unique services. Regardless if you have been single since you became able to memorize things or are seeking a partner that will be able to understand your thoughts and help you solve your problems, you will easily get in touch with communicative women in the matter of hours.

Although you will not be blown away by the design of the website, it is still usable and serves the main purpose. What you are going to find out the moment you finish the registration process is that there isn’t a proper homepage. Instead, you are limited to navigating the website without having a clue what you are doing at times.

Even though the registration won’t leave your bank account empty, you do have to pay to chat with any girls on the website. Premium membership plans start at roughly $40 and they unlock the possibility to chat and use the web camera service to find out more about your partners.


  • Free Registration
  • Thousands of Members
  • Affordable Prices


  • Complications May Occur during the Initial Registration
  • Some Profiles Seem to Be Fake

Thai Kisses - Dating with thai girls

Is Thai Kisses a Scam or Legit?

Deceiving naive men who have never thought of harming anyone just for the sake of making a decent profit is actually quite unfair. All you need to do to realize how cruel this world can be is ask your family and friends if they have ever had some unpleasant experiences on the Internet.

Thai Kisses is not one of those websites that have the aim to take your hard-earned money and run away into the darkness before you blink. It is committed to providing exceptional services and is working very hard to take the overall customer satisfaction to the stage where complaints and disappointments will be unfamiliar things.
Here is a real customer testimonial to get a glimpse of the average user feedback:

Carlo from Switzerland: “First of all, I would like to say thank you to Thai Kisses. I and my wife got married on 9th November 2012 and are very happy together. We live in Switzerland, where we also run our own business. In the future, we also plan on going to Thailand to start a new business over there!”

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Whoever knows what type of dating website he is looking for, he should not look any further. Thai Kisses offers everything you could possibly need and, most importantly, is completely legit.Do not spend the entire afternoon thinking whether it would be a wise decision to join the community and experience everything first person, just let things happen.
Thai Kisses - Dating with thai girls
Thank you for reading my honest Thai Kisses review! You are most welcomed to share your own opinion here.

BeHappy2Day Review – Is It Legit to Find Mail Order Brides?

Wondering if BeHappy2Day is Legit or Scam site? Read our honest review before to buy membership. is an international online dating and mail-order bride service that was established back in 2000 and has grown into a community that connects more than a 1,000,000 members from all parts of the world. Its main aim is to help women from Slavic countries (Russia, Ukraine, etc.), Asia and Latin America, find their soul mates.

The BeHappy2Day Review

Let’s start the review of BeHappy2Day by giving idea of it’s unique features. All members get the same treatment and can take advantage of several different services: Live Chat, Date a Lady, Phone Introduction, Video Call, Flowers & Gifts and English Lessons. At first glance, it might seem like a promising service, but how generous does your initial investment has to be to stand a chance of meeting anyone? Everyone is welcome to sign up for free and get to explore the gallery of the most beautiful women on the planet Earth.

the review

Assuming that you are willing to take the next step as quickly as possible and get more involved in the whole story about mail-order brides, you will need money to afford more advanced services. You won’t be scammed whilst paying for Live Videos, since all the payments are made before you get to see the girl you’re interested in on your computer screen.

As far as the costs are concerned, you will be required to purchase credits and use them instead of a real currency. One credit equals to $0.38-$0.75 depending on the amount of credits you purchase. The minimum amount you are allowed to purchase at once is 20 credits and it will cost you $15. Being a bit more open-minded and thinking ahead might be more economical since, for example, you can purchase 1000 credits for $379 (1 credit equals to roughly $0.38 in this case). Cashing out almost $400 dollars might not seem like the best idea ever, but you will eventually get to the stage where you will have spent even more for a smaller amount of credits.

Is Legit or Scam?

BeHappy2Day scam or legit russian dating site

The BeHappy2Day’s headquarters are located in Tver, Russia, and they have more than 500 offices in the United States, Russia, Asia and Ukraine. Their professional staff works very intensely to create a 100% secure environment in which you will be able to chat with attractive women who have the intention to get married and start a family.

To help you sleep peacefully, boasts a unique anti-scam policy that allows you to fill out the anti-scam claim form if you become suspicious about a certain girl on the website. By doing so, you help the their team keep potential scammers away from their online service. So don’t worry! BeHappy2Day is 100% Legit site to find Russian mail order brides.

Is It Best Site to Find Mail Order Bride?

One more thing to note before you start looking for your future wife is that you shouldn’t expect to find a woman who will serve you as a temporary partner. Since BeHappy2Day insists on gathering men and women into one single place to help them form unbreakable long-term relationships, you will be able to experience completely different feelings that what you are used to in search of the lifetime partner.

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Hope our Reviews help you to decide whether it is scam or legit dating site. Please share your own experience here.

Christian Filipina Review – Is Scam Dating Site?

Is Christian Filipina a Scam or Legit dating site? Read the in-depth review and real user testimonial before you decide. As its name suggests, is an online dating service that gathers Christian men and women from the Philippines who are seeking new friends and lifetime partners into one single place. It has been connecting believers from all parts of the world (not only the Philippines) ever since it was launched in the year 2008.
ChristianFilipina Asian Dating

Christian Filipina Honest Review

Becoming a member is quite an easy process, with the only shortcoming being the usual email verification that does not take more than 5 minutes. Free subscription allows you to send a couple of messages per day and see if the person you like wants to get to know you a little better. Not a lot can actually be done if you do not purchase a premium membership though, which is why a free account should be considered only as a test period.

christian filipina dating reviews

One thing you might find quite intriguing is that doesn’t claim to be a dating service but rather a website that can help you make friends and establish the idea of friendship as the main principle of dating. After you’ve successfully set the basis of the relationship, you can start working on taking it a bit more serious and finding your lifetime partner – that’s how the process of connecting between a man and a woman should develop, as estimated by the Christian Filipina team. They offer various types of membership that cost you $ to $$ per month. If you are serious about dating then go for paid membership. You will get instant result to date your dream partner.

Is a Scam or Legit?

If you have had this question for a while now, you do know that you should always put your safety first. As for your concerns about the legitimacy of, keep in mind that it is a completely legit website that has quite a bit of experience in making people happy and helping them find their soul mates. That being said, purchasing a premium membership seems to be the next logical step for you.

It is possible to navigate the website and take advantage of some of the features even with a free subscription, but you should already think about going one step further and become a premium member. Depending on how much luck you think you’re going to have in finding a perfect match, you can opt for either a one-month or a twelve-month premium membership (your budget will probably be a factor as well).

Find The Filipino FriendFinder Review

Real User Testimonials scam or legit?

Here are just a couple of testimonials to get a glimpse of the average user experience. Read below ChristianFilipina reviews for better idea:

Bill from Ohio: “I am a United States citizen who is happily married to a Filipina. We both are Christians who love the Lord. I wanted to encourage others in the area of love and romance. Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

Scott from Wisconsin: “Thank you to Peter and all of his wonderful personnel at Christian Filipina! I have been searching for the one who loves Christ and I have found her! She is the love of my life and I have no need to look anymore. Thank you again so much! Good luck to everyone who is still looking for his perfect one. God bless everyone!”

AmoLatina is Scam Site? Read the Reviews

ChristianFilipina Asian Dating
Hope my Christian Filipina Review help to decide If it is scam or legit. Please share your own experience here.

Filipino Kisses Review – Is Scam?

Is Filipino Kisses a scam or legit dating site? Read the reviews before you buy the membership of

With the advent of social media sites the world has become a much easier place to connect with one another. Wouldn’t you agree?

FilipinoKisses Site Review

There are a vast number of social media sites out there that you can meet new people. People whom you would never have thought you could ever get to meet in a million years.

Imagine being in your underwear somewhere in your apartment in Burbank California and you are chatting real time with someone in New Delhi.

Now isn’t that truly remarkable?

There are far too many sites out there that it will be almost impossible to list them all; among them are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Chnlove, Military cupid and so on.

Filipino Kisses Review

Let’s start the review of by knowing it’s history. It is a social interactive site created for the exclusive purpose of pairing beautiful and gorgeous Filipino women with both international men and Filipino men.

The site has been in existence for over a decade now (since 2016).

The site is very popular. So long as you are single and ready to mingle, you should definitely consider it! However, the one con this site has is that it is more costly than other sites in its niche.

Please read AmoLatina Site Review Membership Cost

Premium membership comes at different prices. The longer your subscription, the more you save. For instance, if you subscribe for a month, the rate is $46. However, if you subscribe for a year, you will only pay for $195, which means that monthly subscription is only $17. They also include membership verification process to ensure that you won’t have to deal with fake profiles.

Filipino Kisses is strict with membership; you need a valid email address and a scanned copy of your passport or identity card to finish your registration. In fact, you need to include a photo of yourself, holding a piece of paper with your handwritten email address. Although this extra process is quite inconvenient, this is the site’s way of provoking scammers and users who make fake accounts.

Awesome Features

  • With automated icebreaker messages you can initiate contact with other members on the site.
  • You can browse thousands of profiles, send and receive email messages to communicate with other members and view range of photo galleries posted by other members.
  • If you are female, you are allowed to send message without any type of cost/charge
  • Tag a log phrases allows men to woo women on the site.

filipino kisses is not scam site

Is FilipinoKisses a Scam Dating Site or Legit?

It is understandable to feel that the site is a scam, what with all its exorbitant costs and expenses. However the site is 100 percent authentic. Just take a look at some of the testimonials from real people!

I have finally found the love of my life which is now my husband, me and my husband were used to exchange emails through this dating website, we started communicating since May 2016 and got engaged in the same year while he was still in UK and met each other in person for the first time here in Davao International airport last February 2017.

Then in the month of March this year we got married through a civil wedding. Thank you so much. I am so happy to have found my man which is my husband so loving and caring which treating me like a queen.



I am so thankful to our HEAVENLY FATHER, that He used filipino kisses as an instrument for us to found someone to love with, no one is perfect on this world but Philip is perfect for me, he is the most wonderful gift for me from God, I can feel the true love of God through him, I considered my home now is a little heaven on this earth because full of happiness..

Filipino Kisses, I considered you as a missionary to help people who wants to be happy, thank you so much, God bless you, and We love you.

Nitz & Phil

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There are many dating sites out there, but definitely is at the top. The site certainly gives you the opportunity to meet your future partner. That aside, it has a remarkably simple interface which is very easy to understand.

However, considering its high subscription cost, it would be better if more features will be added to justify its price tag. Ultimately we here to find our dating and this site does it so well. Go ahead and date your dream Filipino girl now!

Hope Filipino Kisses Review cleared all your doubts. If you still have any query about scam and authentication of this Philippines dating site then add your comment here.

Filipino FriendFinder Review – Is FilipinoFriendFinder Scam?

Whether FilipinoFriendFinder is scam or legit dating site? Don’t buy premium membership of Filipino FriendFinder before you read my reviews.

With the advent of social media sites the world has become a much easier place to connect with one another. Wouldn’t you agree?

There are a vast number of social media sites out there that you can meet new people. People whom you would never have thought you could ever get to meet in a million years.

An Honest Filipino FriendFinder Review

Imagine being in your underwear somewhere in your apartment in Burbank California and you are chatting real time with someone in New Delhi.

Now isn’t that truly remarkable?

There are far too many sites out there that it will be almost impossible to list them all; among them are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Chnlove, Military cupid and so on.

Filipino Friend Finder review by real user

The Filipino friend finder is one of the largest and most active dating sites. It was founded in 2000 (over Seventeen years ago) exclusively for Filipino singles who are looking to mingle. Let’s start the Filipino Friend Finder review with it’s unique features, pros, cons, membership price and how does it work.

Pros of Filipino Friend Finder

  • It contains active chat rooms and active forums where you could interact and mingle with a lot of people
  • It has pre recorded video intros.
  • They manually check all the profile to find out spam and suspected accounts.
  • There is availability of dating articles.

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The Cons

  • There is no “find someone” guarantee.
  • It lacks matching feature based on profile
  • There is no compatibility test or in depth questionnaire.

Unique Feature of This Filipino Dating Site

  • Customize Photo gallery to showcase your profile.
  • Shows who is currently online. Moreover You can search by gender, age and location of profiles currently online and then contact them.
  • Chat: Free Instant Messaging.
  • Magazine: Submit your own articles and comments for other members to read.
  • Blogs: Create an Online journal
  • Friend Network: Find lovers…and friends! Expand your network, and expand your possibilities…
  • Groups: Meet other members with similar interest.
  • Hot List: keep track of people you are interested in and of people you have emailed. This is only available for members.
  • You receives free email updates of new members that matches your search criteria – also available for free members.

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Membership Prices

Silver Subscription

  • Price of 1 Month is $12.99 only.
  • Get 3 Months for $26.97 ($8.99/mo) only.
  • Price for 12 Months is $71.88 ($5.99/mo) only.

Gold Package Price

  • Cost of 1 Month is just $19.99.
  • Get 3 Months for $35.70 ($11.90/mo) only.
  • 12 Months Price is $107.88 ($8.99/mo) only.

Filipino Friend Finder scam or legit dating site?

Is Filipino FriendFinder A Scam Site?

Given past experiences, it is understandable if you are a bit suspicious. But rest assured that the site is 100 percent authentic and legit service. They have industries best anti-spam and anti-fraud policy. The Filipino Friend Finder is Not a Scam dating site. So, no need to worry about losing your money. However if that happen then you can ask them to give you remuneration. Take a look at some customer testimonials.

 Lorney143 said:

David and I met here in for more than a year now.we started as an internet friend and when he came to the Philippines last Feb.25, 2006, we felt in love to each other. Now im here in the States and this coming month will be our wedding…Thanks a lot FilipinoFriendFinder…You’ve been a big part in our relationship…Keep up the good work.


Truelover3 said:

I have just been a standard member for almost a month now and it seems flattering to note that within that period i found my partner. I had been through many services that offer such kind of matching but only here on FilipinoFriendFinder that my dreams come true. Truly, i should say that it is a success story for me as it isn’t easy to find a partner in this kind of venue, and i thank FFF for its honest to goodness way of finding people their chance of having a soulmate or partner the easiest way possible. My relationship with my new found partner has a long way to go still, but nevertheless, we are looking forward to work it out hopefully. More power FFF and thank you so much.

Hope my Filipino Friend Finder review help! If you still have any doubts like is that scam or legit? then add your comment here. It would be also good if you can share your own experience with

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