Best Funny Tinder Lines and Conversations 2016

There are funny Tinder lines always made by several Tinder matches during their conversation. Sometimes, I may be bored and I will be looking for something that could cheer me up, Tinder Match will opt inside my mind, you will see me grabbing my device to read so many some funny lines from people.  If you don’t get enough matches on tinder, then you should try to follow the sample lines to boost confidence.

best funny tinder lines

I think letting you know a couple of things about Tinder matches, well you have to know some funny things about this dating app first. It is based on location. However, you can change your Tinder location to get more matches. Well before I continue Tinder is a dating app that connects two people together. It is available worldwide but good thing is that you will get match nearby you.

So now you know perfectly that you have a tinder profile and you will desire to know some tinder funny lines that will get your conversation started. If you don’t want to use it from mobile then you should download tinder on your desktop.

Best Funniest Tinder Lines

I will highlight 10 best funniest Tinder lines that broke my ribs; people are always funny and crazy when they have something they might be pursuing. Maybe the guy wants to woo a girl and he doesn’t know how to start, with this 10 funniest Tinder lines you might get tips on how to go about it.

  • On a scale of 1 to America how free are you: This dude wants to take her out maybe for a coffee.
  • If I were a watermelon would you spit or swallow my seeds
  • What are the chances I see you naked tonight? (This guy is in the mood, and doesn’t know how to go about it)
  • I love your bangs and boobs, so I guess I should bang your boobs, well my name are Nick.
  • You are the type of girl I would love to sit on my face for a long period of time.(Maybe he has viewed her selling point)
  • I need a baby by summer in other to get my inheritance. (I think this dude has a whitlow on his mouth, he just needs a strategy to draw attentions of some ladies.)
  • Treat me like a pirate and gimme that booty
  • So how many seafood dinners would it take to turn you into a bedroom acrobat for years to come?
  • So you wanna go halfsies on a bastard child.
  • Because there is a political uprising in my pant.

funniest tinder conversations

Best Funniest Tinder Conversation Ever

This is one of the funniest and craziest conversations. The girl might be too slow, and if I am the one I would probably dump her at this point unless she was crazy hot. His reaction is not the smartest and he can’t recover from that, so funny.

Dude: If I could rearrange the alphabet do you know what I would do?

Girl: Lol what would you do?

Dude A: I will put my p in your V

Wow, I am sorry, my friend is a jack

Girl: Well the Alphabet should stay the way it, with N next to O

Dude: Hahaha, I am not going to try to recover from that but your response. It was damn good.

There are several of them, you just have to pick your phone and get a match on Tinder, put a smile on your face and make it happen with your dope responses. You should read conquer tinder pdf book to be master of this dating application.

Best Alternative Tinder Like Dating Apps for Android/iPhone

Tinder is one of the best apps for dating. Here are some great alternative Tinder-like app that runs on Android and iPhone(iOS).

The best part of Tinder was that, it was free of cost. Tinder has recently launched its Plus subscription whose features were not liked by viewers. The worst part of Tinder was that in Tinder users get matches as per their face appearance and location. It is difficult to change location in Tinder.

dating apps like tinder alternatives

If users want to get match based on their personality then they need to opt for other apps. Users have complained that the number of fake profiles has increased drastically over the years. Trust factor was gone among the users. If you are facing “Tinder No matches bug“, then you should think go for other alternatives. As Tinder became very famous various other companies has also developed their app in this category. So, the overall user gets the lot of choices to choose upon.

Best Alternative Tinder Like Dating Apps (Android and iPhone)

Looking for some top tinder alternative apps? I have collected some cool dating application for iPhone and Android smartphone. You can download that based on your requirement.


This dating app started functioning from 2004. OkCupid incorporates various feature Tinder app has. The best part of this app is that users can get match based on their hobbies. It allows users to give lots of information so they can suggest a better match. If the user wants priority in the lifeline then they need to pay subscription otherwise this app is completely free.

Coffee meets Bagel – Best Tinder Alternative

This app gives one match every day to everyone at noon. The criteria for selecting match are according to user’s location and their common interest. It does not select random person but basically searches the person who may be on a mutual friends list. This app asks an icebreaking question from partners and tries to arrange meeting with partners. It is free but if users want to use some additional features of it then users need to pay some nominal amount of money.

Skout – An app like Tinder

This app is having a grid layout. This helps users to discover who all have checked their profiles and favour them. This app comes at free of cost. Users need to pay if they want to come top on chat chats and other ads. This basically means if users want to promote themselves or want to give them more chance of selection then they need to pay some amount of money for it.

Hot or Not Dating App

This app is quite similar to tinder and it is said that Tinder was motivated by its name to start its business. App allows the user to send messages to anyone. This app also shows how popular one is in his region. The user gets more profile badges and gets better status. Those profiles get more chances of selection or liked. Most of the feature is free but some additional features are there which requires some money. Users can also give gifts to their partners or friends through this app.

Some more apps such as  Bumble,  Plenty of Fish, Lovoo,  Rendeevooetc which are very famous among users. You should read Conquer Tinder pdf to learn some hidden things about dating applications.

Which is best Tinder Like app?

There are various options for customers to choose from. In past, very few options were there and Tinder was a most favourable app for everyone. Now with so much other Tinder need to come up with various additional features to live up to its expectation. They also need to make it user-friendly so that users don’t get any problem in using this app.

If you still want to stick to Tinder then make sure to learn some basic hack to get more matches. In case of any query, contact me. I will reply you as soon as possible.

Tinder for Desktop – Download Free for Mac/Windows

Tinder is the famous dating application which everybody wants on desktop or laptops. Follow the steps to download Tinder for FREE on Windows and Mac PCs.

Tinder is world’s biggest dating website. Tinder app for mobile devices was successfully running for Android and iOS versions of operating systems.  Users have various facilities like chat, video chatting, audio chatting and various other facilities. Earlier this app was available only for mobile users now it has come for laptop and PC as well.

Tinder allows one to choose his/her dating partner. The best part of Tinder is that it is not limited to one country. There are various language options so that is not necessary users should know English to use it.  Now users have the choice to use it in Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages. There are various options for Advance search. There are various private group options which users can form. The best of this app is that all the data are private and users can completely rely on it.

tinder for desktop pc - download now

Make sure to read my conquer tinder pdf review before you buy it. It is nothing but the Tinder hack for no matches bug.

Why do you need Tinder on Desktop PC?

Some users were not comfortable while using this app on their mobile phones. The mobile phone has very small window size and resolution is very less. Some of the advanced features of this app were not utilized on mobile devices. Users were not 100% satisfied with the mobile version of it. So, users were eagerly waiting for Laptop version to be launched. Laptop version has come up with more interactive features.

Tinder app on mobile devices was also restricted for few users. With biggest resolution users are finding it very user-friendly and they easily navigate from one place to other. Also, as most of the features are fully utilized on desktop users are very much satisfied with it. Nearly 60% of users use windows as operating system so now they can access it easily. Mac has second most users so overall Tinder app for desktop and laptops covers more than 80% of total users. The best part of tinder is that it gives match options based on person personality. Users have various options to choose from their match.

How to Download Tinder on Mac and Windows Desktop?

It is very simple to download tinder for the desktop. It is compatible for both Windows and Mac. Users just simply need to install Tinder through emulators. An emulator’s example may be of Android emulator. Android Emulator can run on any desktop. The user can easily find the app on emulator’s store. If it is not available then the user need an APK installer. APK installer is readily available on the internet. Users just need to search from ‘Tinder apk’ keywords. The user can then use Tinder on their laptop or PC. Tinder app basically increases resolution for better usage. Emulator gives much more usage than Tinder app.


Final Thoughts about Tinder for Desktop

Today’s world has become digital and the digital medium is connecting the whole world. Now, love is not restricted to one city, place or country. An app like Tinder provides an opportunity to explore the whole world. Users have the liability to select their partners.

Tinder like App is very famous in countries like the USA, UK, and Canada. It is helping users to get their date. This app is very good for an introvert person who can’t share their feelings with others.  Tinder app users list has increased rapidly after it was launched for laptops and desktops. Tinder like an app is helping lovers to get their love.

In case of any question or queries you can contact me. I would be more than happy to assist you farther.

How to Change Location on Tinder for iPhone, Android

Don’t get enough matches on Tinder? Then, you should try to change your location. This way you could get 10x more matches and date.

Why Should you Change Tinder Location?

First and the most important reason: More room for practice.
Are you anxious that you will scare away local girls with your lack of experience or awkwardness. That’s not a problem if you are talking to girls on the other side of the globe and if you won’t travel there in near future. Try your new pick-up lines and strategies on foreigners and check what works without stressing out too much about goofing off.

change your tinder location for free
The second obvious reason that you want to change the location is the fact that you can make your game INTERNATIONAL. Are you into exotic Asian girls or maybe looking for a cute Slavic girl from Poland? Nothing is impossible when you can choose “where are you now” with few clicks here and there.
That gives you choices and opportunities with millions of girls in the whole world. Also you can learn more about game in different countries and what works with European girls and what not, and that brings us to the third – the most important benefit.

The third reason is the fact that if your game is up to pair and you have experience with setting up dates, you can simply schedule dates while being on travel, looking for company while doing business trip across the Atlantic Ocean? That’s really simple when you can already start talking with girls while sitting at home or waiting for your flight at the airport.

How to Change your Tinder location in Android and iPhone for FREE?

Of course it is, and here are some methods how to do it right away depending on your tech skills.

Tinder Premium Location Change Method

There is the easy way that costs you $9.99, If you are 18 plus or 19.99$ for customers over 30 years old. Download Tinder Premium that includes: Rewinding you last swipe, turning off ads and of course changing your location.
It’s simple but is not the best option if you are a newbie and give up quickly. Save the money and use it later while on date.

BlueStack Method for Android

Using BlueStacks to emulate Android/Google Apps on your PC or Mac.

  1. Download BlueStacks version – this version is sure to work with this method, however you can try other if you want.
  2. Install Bluestacks following the instructions given on screen.
  3. Set up Bluestacks user account and verify it.
  4. Enable App store/Google Play
  5. Use the search box in Bluestacks to download Tinder and Fake GPS.
  6. Open up the Fake GPS location and set your desired location (don’t log into Tinder before you do this!)
  7. Create profile or log into existing one and start matching up with girls from all around the world.

You can also make a little research where are the fun centers or where are the local pick up liars in given city and enter location into Fake GPS app to create more opportunities for yourself (remember to log of Tinder, change location and then log back in – no other way around!)

This is how, you can easily change your tinder location to get more dates and perfect matches.

Conquer Tinder PDF Review – Download Free Playbook

Are you tired of awkward conversations, fruitless effort and the fact that women don’t seem interested in you? Then “Conquer Tinder,” wrote by Chris Harders might be the position that you want to check out.

Chris spends three years developing a system that worked for him to go from inexperienced virgin to the ultimate seducer on Tinder and now offers you the knowledge to ultimately improve your Tinder game.

tinder conquer playbook pdf review

In his words, he called himself “shy dorky guy” but with the method showed in the book he managed to match and meet with toned of women and create a successful career in nightclub promoting.

Review of Conquer Tinder PDF

The beauty of this Conquer Tinder eBook lies in the simple, straightforward design.

Paragraphs are short and informative; you can learn more about the author and his experience with this app. You also get the basic understanding why this app is so popular among hot girls – there is a certain thing that you must know, and you can find this secret inside this book.

The next thing you are going to learn is creating your perfect dating profile including uploading the right profile photo or how to use a tagline to your advantage.

(Being handsome is not the only thing that can make girl interested in you, there is much more to it!)

After the introduction wrote in casual and easy to understand language then comes the actual guide how to talk to girls on Tinder.

The best thing about this section is the fact it shows real conversations with girls. Grey boxes show messages sent by a girl and blue boxes shows how Chris responded, it’s all great, but the actual gold lies in dark blue boxes that contain commentary, tips, and improvements that can be made to skyrocket your success rate (meaning getting girls number or setting up a date).

If you are nervous about messaging girls then you can use examples mentioned in the Conquer Tinder book as the actual blueprint for conversation.

About 20 pages of this eBook are full of these, and if it is too much for you then remember these words some great man said:

“It’s all about the reps and mileage” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

And when it comes to this book, you should train every day for as many sets and reps as possible until you get to meet with the first girl and much more after.

It’s mentioned in the book that Chris got rejected for more than 1000 TIMES! Before his first successful chat – this man did his work and gave his time, and you should do it too.

For me, the only problem with these examples is the lack of information about how to “spice things up” and create a more mature environment, but the primary concern of this book is “matching” profiles and conversations rather than what happens next.

Why you should buy Conquer Tinder eBook?

If you are looking for simple (and most importantly working) guide on “how to meet girls on Tinder”, then you should check out Chris Harders “Conquer Tinder” eBook. His in-depth analysis covers every aspect of the online game, providing knowledge and strategies based on years of experience, from catching girls attention to having conversations that lead to success – this eBook got you covered.

Tinder Conquer Review is my personal opinion only. You should download book now and follow it’s strategy to get get any girl you want.