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Best Alternatives to Chaturbate Live Cam Chat Site: Chaturbate is a popular online service for adults where you can find loads of sex videos made by both male and female members. It was launched back in 2011 and used to heavily rely on amateur live stream performances in its very beginning.

Everyone’s allowed to watch videos on Chaturbate for free, though you’re required to pay (in tokens) if you want to see a certain sex act performed – this is considered to be a tip. Tokens are used to pay performers and 20 tokens are worth exactly $1. The website itself takes about 40% of the donated amount and it is the main source of income –given the average monthly traffic (approximately 4.1 million visits per month), it is a bit unfair towards the performers.

Why Do You Need Chaturbate Alternatives?

alternative sites like chaturbate

Being a newcomer in online world, Chaturbate boasts some impressive features and streams videos in proper HD quality, which gives them huge advantage compared to their competitors. However, there’s one thing that has been a popular topic for quite some time now and has to do something with almost all sex cam sites – the amount of money you spend on their services.

Even though you’re not required to sign up to watch live streams or pay to get the most basic treatment, things can get out of control when you start to give tips. Some people tend to constantly increase the amount of money they give in order to get what they want and experience the feeling of satisfaction, which reminds a lot of the highly addictive gambling.

Best Adult Cam Chat Sites Like Chaturbate

Below are some best Chaturbate alternative sites that fall under adult cam chat websites.

  • LiveJasmin

First of all, LiveJasmin website is so easy to navigate and you can momentarily find the categories you’re interested in and sign up in just a couple of minutes. The experience is as good on your mobile phone or tablet as it is on desktop, which may come in handy if you’re too lazy to get up and turn on your laptop or if you simply prefer using your smartphone.

The main reason why you should visit their website is the possibility to choose between many different categories and find the girls you like the most, regardless of who you’re looking for.

  • SlutRoulette

Once you land on their website for the first time, you realize that there are tons of features that are available without having to make an account, though you can always take it to the next level if you feel like the free version is not enough for your needs. The main idea of the SlutRoulette is simple – connect to a random stranger via your web cam and share your dirty ideas with her. It is all up to you to cheer her up and make it an unforgettable experience for both of you.


Attracting everyone’s attention is the ultimate goal of all online services, but this is where seems to fail. The website itself is a rather boring place to be, with an outdated design that would hardly indicate that you’ve come to a sex cam website.  On the positive side, there aren’t any unnecessary details which could distract you and finding what you really want shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Token Price on above adult live cam sites are affordable and you will find so many glamorous girls and handsome boy over there. You can also ask them to do whatever you want.  Hence each of them are best Chaturbate alternatives cam chat sites. Please share your own experience here.

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