best tinder opening lines for guys

Best Tinder Opening Lines that Works for Guys

Hey Guys! Want hundreds of matches on Tinder? then you should write best opening lines that works. Tinder is world’s biggest dating website. Tinder is one of the best app or websites for those who are single. It is often seen a various person don’t get the partner of their choice. Tinder app provides a lot of options to the user. The user can choose from a large pool of options. Based on interaction they can select their partner.

best tinder opening lines for guys

Tinder app for mobile devices was successfully running for Android and iOS versions of operating systems.  Users have various facilities like chat, video chatting, audio chatting and various other facilities. Earlier this app was available only for mobile users now Tinder for laptop and desktop PC is also available. Tinder allows one to choose his/her dating partner.

The best part of Tinder is that it is not limited to one country. There are various language options so that is not necessary users should know English to use it.  You can even change your location in this app. Now users have the choice to use it in Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages. There are various options for Advance search.

Why opening lines are important in Tinder?

It is very correctly said that the first impression is the last impression. During any conversation, we form a perception about any person by just talking with him. The opening line is a most vital thing in tinder. Along with profile picture, this is the most important thing which everyone checks. Attractive opening lines speak a lot about one’s personality. One has plenty of options to choose from tinder. So, if ones opening line is not attractive then it will be difficult for that person to get the attraction. Most shortlisting on tinder is based on funny opening lines and photos.

What to Write and What not to write?

One should use that type of line which shows their interest, talk about their personality, little bit humour which doesn’t hurt anyone. One should try to mention something which has highest response rate. If one is not sure about it he/she could change it based on responses one is receiving. This tips are also available for tinder alternative apps.

Best Tinder Lines that work:-

We have conducted a survey and those tinder opening lines which got most response rates were selected. Here are some of them:-

  1. Asking a girl to join your cuddle gang apparently works well.
  2. Open with a bit about baby dears and you can’t go wrong
  3. Its good to be prepared for all possible scenarios.
  4. Ask a super strange question and then blame it on autocorrect.
  5. Write some poetry which relates to love.
  6. Sometimes telling a dirty joke and getting straight to the point works.
  7. Sometimes talking about something beauty and charm helps.
  8. Talk about nature and appreciate it.
  9. Be simple and attractive.
  10. Be polite and caring in tone.

How to get her number?

Everything works step by step. One shouldn’t be very quick for getting a number of partners. One should also be not very laid back and think that she will ask for the number. One should try to indulge in attractive conversation. It should not sound creepy and it should also not look like someone is dumb. So, based on the impact of conversation one should ask for a number. One should try engaging her by showing interest and care towards her. If one is honest in his approach then he will definitely succeed in his mission. You should read conquer tinder ebook to learn more such useful tips and tricks.

So, with the help of best opening lines in tinder, you can get more and more matches.

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