Christian Filipina Review – Is Scam Dating Site?

Is Christian Filipina a Scam or Legit dating site? Read the in-depth review and real user testimonial before you decide. As its name suggests, is an online dating service that gathers Christian men and women from the Philippines who are seeking new friends and lifetime partners into one single place. It has been connecting believers from all parts of the world (not only the Philippines) ever since it was launched in the year 2008.
ChristianFilipina Asian Dating

Christian Filipina Honest Review

Becoming a member is quite an easy process, with the only shortcoming being the usual email verification that does not take more than 5 minutes. Free subscription allows you to send a couple of messages per day and see if the person you like wants to get to know you a little better. Not a lot can actually be done if you do not purchase a premium membership though, which is why a free account should be considered only as a test period.

christian filipina dating reviews

One thing you might find quite intriguing is that doesn’t claim to be a dating service but rather a website that can help you make friends and establish the idea of friendship as the main principle of dating. After you’ve successfully set the basis of the relationship, you can start working on taking it a bit more serious and finding your lifetime partner – that’s how the process of connecting between a man and a woman should develop, as estimated by the Christian Filipina team. They offer various types of membership that cost you $ to $$ per month. If you are serious about dating then go for paid membership. You will get instant result to date your dream partner.

Is a Scam or Legit?

If you have had this question for a while now, you do know that you should always put your safety first. As for your concerns about the legitimacy of, keep in mind that it is a completely legit website that has quite a bit of experience in making people happy and helping them find their soul mates. That being said, purchasing a premium membership seems to be the next logical step for you.

It is possible to navigate the website and take advantage of some of the features even with a free subscription, but you should already think about going one step further and become a premium member. Depending on how much luck you think you’re going to have in finding a perfect match, you can opt for either a one-month or a twelve-month premium membership (your budget will probably be a factor as well).

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Real User Testimonials scam or legit?

Here are just a couple of testimonials to get a glimpse of the average user experience. Read below ChristianFilipina reviews for better idea:

Bill from Ohio: “I am a United States citizen who is happily married to a Filipina. We both are Christians who love the Lord. I wanted to encourage others in the area of love and romance. Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

Scott from Wisconsin: “Thank you to Peter and all of his wonderful personnel at Christian Filipina! I have been searching for the one who loves Christ and I have found her! She is the love of my life and I have no need to look anymore. Thank you again so much! Good luck to everyone who is still looking for his perfect one. God bless everyone!”

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ChristianFilipina Asian Dating
Hope my Christian Filipina Review help to decide If it is scam or legit. Please share your own experience here.

2 thoughts on “Christian Filipina Review – Is Scam Dating Site?”

  1. As a multi-lingual Notary Public, I have helped a number of people in the area of legal documents for fiancee visas. Not only from the Philippines but also from eastern Europe. I can say that the most of the cases where both adults are Bible Christians, I have seen great families who have prospered over the years, spiritually and materially. Sadly however, among the non-Christians a majority of cases have been sad cases, usually ending in bitterness and divorce and in some cases, US men have lost much of their financial assets. And some ladies, have done it not just once and have secured a good financial nest as result. Older men are easy prey, they are desperate and believe anything those pretty little beauties will tell them.

  2. Please email Peter Colyn at
    At this present time, I am not dating a Christian woman.
    I was born April 14, 1969.
    I am employed part-time at Chinook Home Depot.
    I am also a drywaller and house painter by trade.
    Please take the opportunity please to get registered
    as a new member to find that Christian woman in the age range
    of 30-50 years.
    I have lots of unique and interesting genuine facts about me.
    and a salvation testimony, detailing past – present how I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. I have also a up to date
    resume on file.
    God richly bless you Christian Filipino staff!
    Text or phone me 403-796-4938. Please note that I prefer to meet a
    Filipino Christian woman in country of Canada or USA because for the expressed reason that for security and safety reasons, my Father
    Piet Colyn does not allow me to travel to the Philippines alone, with
    the potential disappointment chance of not meeting the right woman possibly. Or it could be also a miscommunication problem.
    Feel free to ask any question you need to ask of me. Thank-you.

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