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Are you tired of awkward conversations, fruitless effort and the fact that women don’t seem interested in you? Then “Conquer Tinder,” wrote by Chris Harders might be the position that you want to check out.

Chris spends three years developing a system that worked for him to go from inexperienced virgin to the ultimate seducer on Tinder and now offers you the knowledge to ultimately improve your Tinder game.

tinder conquer playbook pdf review

In his words, he called himself “shy dorky guy” but with the method showed in the book he managed to match and meet with toned of women and create a successful career in nightclub promoting.

Review of Conquer Tinder PDF

The beauty of this Conquer Tinder eBook lies in the simple, straightforward design.

Paragraphs are short and informative; you can learn more about the author and his experience with this app. You also get the basic understanding why this app is so popular among hot girls – there is a certain thing that you must know, and you can find this secret inside this book.

The next thing you are going to learn is creating your perfect dating profile including uploading the right profile photo or how to use a tagline to your advantage.

(Being handsome is not the only thing that can make girl interested in you, there is much more to it!)

After the introduction wrote in casual and easy to understand language then comes the actual guide how to talk to girls on Tinder.

The best thing about this section is the fact it shows real conversations with girls. Grey boxes show messages sent by a girl and blue boxes shows how Chris responded, it’s all great, but the actual gold lies in dark blue boxes that contain commentary, tips, and improvements that can be made to skyrocket your success rate (meaning getting girls number or setting up a date).

If you are nervous about messaging girls then you can use examples mentioned in the Conquer Tinder book as the actual blueprint for conversation.

About 20 pages of this eBook are full of these, and if it is too much for you then remember these words some great man said:

“It’s all about the reps and mileage” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

And when it comes to this book, you should train every day for as many sets and reps as possible until you get to meet with the first girl and much more after.

It’s mentioned in the book that Chris got rejected for more than 1000 TIMES! Before his first successful chat – this man did his work and gave his time, and you should do it too.

For me, the only problem with these examples is the lack of information about how to “spice things up” and create a more mature environment, but the primary concern of this book is “matching” profiles and conversations rather than what happens next.

Why you should buy Conquer Tinder eBook?

If you are looking for simple (and most importantly working) guide on “how to meet girls on Tinder”, then you should check out Chris Harders “Conquer Tinder” eBook. His in-depth analysis covers every aspect of the online game, providing knowledge and strategies based on years of experience, from catching girls attention to having conversations that lead to success – this eBook got you covered.

Tinder Conquer Review is my personal opinion only. You should download book now and follow it’s strategy to get get any girl you want.

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