How Does Tinder Work? The Tinder Matching Algorithm

Are you aware about Tinder secret matching algorithm? Read this page to find how tinder works for you?

So we are all familiar with the magical dating app that brings people together, am I right? It’s none other but the Tinder, the app that has given people so many opportunities to meet with other people.

A lot of people are getting signup up on Tinder algorithm by the day. All know how to use it, but almost no one knows exactly how does tinder work?

The Tinder Matching Algorithm

One of the things that make Tinder so popular is its logo trait christened ‘The Swipe’.

how tinder algorithm works

The swipe is used to by the user to indicate if he or she likes/dislikes someone’s profile. You swipe right on the profiles you like and left on those you don’t.

So how does this miraculous app work? How does the app find so many people for us to reject. What is the logical explanation behind the fact that people who have swiped right on us always seem to show up first.

There are so many speculations as to how it operates, but the truth is apart from the actual developers of the app, no one truly knows. However a lot of tech experts have come up with analysis, sharing the most likely algorithms that power this amazing app.

You probably think that the first profiles that flood your screen when you open your Tinder are random, they are not. There is in fact something much more complex going on.

The first ten to fifteen cards that pop up on your screen are profiles who may not have swiped right on you, but people that have been classed into the ‘More attractive’ section of the site.

You may ask why Tinder does this, well it is psychological move. Tinder wants you to have the positive perception that there are a lot of fit people on the app.

After you have gone through a plethora of these beautiful hotties, you’ll then be shown a lot of profiles who have swiped right on you.

This is the reason why you get instant matches the moment you re-open the app: for you it may seem you found your tinder match immediately, however for the other person it could have been days since they swiped right on you.

How Does Tinder Work?

There are a lot of factors that affect how Tinder works. The major factors include:

Your level of activeness

If you seldom open your Tinder app, your profile is less likely to be shown on other people’s profiles. However if you are consistent on Tinder, your profile will start appearing with more regularity.

The way you swipe

If you always swipe right on every profile you see, Tinder will most likely see you as a spamming robot and thus, your profile will be rarely shown to others. Also, Tinder will show you fewer profiles to protect their integrity. You can easily bypass tinder like limit with some tricks.

The Rate People Swipe On You

Many people believe that the more right swipes you get on your profile, the higher you are rated on the ‘Attractive’ scale, and thus less attractive profiles will not be shown to you.

Facts and Myths About Tinder

Like all great apps, Tinder has found itself in the very center of controversy. Here are the top facts and myths:

1.) Finding a mate is easier than ever

This is true. Emotional sinkhole though it may be, nevertheless makes finding someone to have a one night stand or consistent random sex with extremely easy.

2.) Tinder has made Competition of dating much worse

Most people (especially men) can’t help it, they have to cheat. It’s like cheating is embedded in our very genetic makeup. Now with an app that gives you a large pool of options, things have gotten worse. Tinder gives you access to millions of men and women just waiting for you to hook up with.

3.) People are getting laid more than ever

While it is true that Tinder gives you access to millions of people, it doesn’t mean that every single user of tinder is getting laid every other day of the week like most have been led to believe.

4.) We aren’t quitting tinder anytime soon

Despite its several issues and problems it is safe to say that once you sign up you get sucked in and you can never go back.

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