Kismia Review: Tips to Avoid Scam on Dating Site

Don’t buy Kismia membership before you read the review! Find the tips to avoid scam on Kismia and other dating sites.

I’ve found this website surfing around the internet, and question myself if it was another one in the same list of other useless services to date real people but… Oh, my friend, I was very wrong.

Imagine instant communication with real gorgeous women and good looking men, a very simple design and most important, very easy to use.  That’s for you.

The Kismia Review – Best Russian Dating Site

In this case, I can admit I have personally enjoyed very much this site in particular because it seems to work fluently with the great balance between how many users there are and the authentic match you might get with some male or female of your wish list.

kismia customer review

Explore the many hundreds and thousands of compatible profiles in some kind of Tinder-like system who simplifies, even more, the process. Of course, the dedication and effort you put into the profile will help to attract those matches.

Remember that your profile must relate to yourself, all those details have to prove that you are completely confident in what you think or what you do.

KisMia Membership Price

Last but not least, differentiates itself from the other because is not necessary to pay anything to enjoy its services. Although with a free account you are limited from a ton features.

There are two paid packages: Premium plan includes four different subscription prices depending on how much you want to be a member.

  • 3 days: 0, 99$/day – 1, 24$/day
  • 1 Month: 6, 29$/week – 7, 85/week
  • 3 Months: 3, 39$/week – 4, 24$/week
  • 6 Months: 1, 99$/week – 2, 49$/week

With the premium subscription, you’ll be able to see all media content from others and their respective profiles and have no restriction to write them at any moment you desire. Also, it’s added the filter of “search by city” and the Kismia app always at hand.

And now VIP, for only 6, 90$/monthly, you will become one top user on this site. Enjoy of three astonishing perks – Leadership at the profile boards, instant compatibility with most of the matches you make and special messages attention – for something like a lady magnet.

Is Kismia a Scam or Legit?

Is Kismia some kind of scam? Not really. The big struggle for most of the dating sites out there is that they usually don’t have any real users and just some bots, resulting in a very awkward experience. scam or legit site?

Be always aware that because of the easiness that complements to create a profile on the site, there could be some individuals trying to disturb your relaxing sessions of chatting.

Some of the most valuable tips for the security of your own sake are:

  • Don’t share private information such as address, bank accounts and other that may harm you.
  • On every type of dates, you might get in front on a gold-digger whose only interest is to scam you and take your money. Stay away from it; it’s not your duty to give them your money.
  • Have you found someone to go on a date? Great! Just be careful about who that is and the details of the encounter. Is highly recommended for both to take place in somewhere with public and safe, not a first date in private.

Bottom Line

Using Kismia it will feel like going to the bar to create friends relations, only with that difference of doing everything on your desktop computer or cell phone.

If at any moment, you come across any suspicious user, don’t doubt of blocking and reporting immediately, that would help the Kismia team to protect all the community.

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Hope my Kismia Review help you to conclude that It is not a scam dating site. Please share your own experience here.

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