How to Sign in Tinder without Facebook Account

Login In to Tinder without Facebook account is possible. Read this post to know more about it.

Facebook is unarguably the most popular website in the world. It has indeed become a household name. It has become so much of an authority site that a lot of websites require you to have a Facebook account in order for you to log in.

A lot of websites don’t even have their own sign-in protocols, or comment sections. Instead, they are linked to your Facebook account.

sign in tinder without facebook

This is indeed a smart move. For example; if you comment via your Facebook account, it gives the impression that you are a real person and not a robot. So in a way, commenting via your Facebook account helps build originality with sites.

However, this could be disadvantageous. Not everyone wants Facebook in everything they do, especially when it comes to certain private aspects in their lives.

It would be nice to use Tinder without having to link it to your Facebook account; however some people do not know how to go about it, while most people believe it can’t be done.

Tinder without Facebook – Is that Possible?

This article will show you all you need to know about signing up on Tinder without having to include your Facebook details.

If you are the type that loves his/her privacy, then perhaps you should consider disconnecting your Tinder profile from your Facebook. These are the reasons:

Tinder Has Full Access To All Your Facebook Contacts

Imagine tinder having access to all your five thousand friends on Facebook.

If you accidentally click on “Yes” to “View your contacts” then Tinder will sieve through your friend list to find the potential match for you without your permission or approval. This is something you definitely do not want. Due less friends in FB, it often lead tinder doesn’t load matches error.

Automatic Syncing Of Photos.

Once you connect your Tinder to your Facebook, then all your public photos on Facebook will automatically be synchronized with your Tinder account.

Invasion of privacy

All your dating history is stored in your Tinder archive. Imagine a scenario where your Tinder account gets hacked. All your dating info will then be made public since your Facebook is linked to your Tinder. We are sure you would not want such a thing to occur.

How to Use Tinder without Facebook Account?

One of the most vital steps you can take when disconnecting your Facebook account from your tinder account is to increase your Facebook privacy.

You can do this by changing Tinder App priorities in your facebook account settings. By doing this, you will limit Tinder’s access to your Facebook account.

To do this simply follows these steps.

  • Log into your facebook account.
  • Click on the “Lock” icon and then click on “See More Settings”
  • Go to “Apps” and locate Tinder App. Click on it.
  • Change the App visibility to “Only Me”.

Now you have disconnected your Facebook profile from your Tinder account. Tinder will no longer have access to posting anything on your Facebook timeline and other people won’t get notifications that you are using Tinder. So you need not to worry about your business on Tinder showing up on your facebook profile. It will also bypass tinder like limit.

The world of social media has had a lot of positive impacts on the world; however, one must tread carefully to avoid unwanted scenarios while using one’s media accounts.

Using this Tinder hack, you can sign in to Tinder without Facebook account. You would not want your secrets exposed online. So it is advisable to keep your business as private as possible.

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